Who we are


Federico Moro is the co-founder and business and production manager of Memo’s Boutique Events. Armed with a degree in law and experience as a lawyer, he also has more than a decade of practice in corporate, non-profit and social event planning. His primary role involves organising the logistics of events although he is particularly enthusiastic about creating and cultivating relationships with clients. 

Federico is passionate about giving back. He is a founding member of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe and it is his experience in this field that has given him the idea of creating the fundraising plan called “I Defend Gala”. Every year this event is dedicated to various causes upholding particular values.





Mara Mentasti is the co-founder and the creative soul of Memo’s. After graduating in Psychology, she finally decided to make the most of her creative flair and dedicate herself completely to the development of new ideas, styles and trends. She specialises in providing something unique and stylish for our clients. From full-scale event design to smaller projects, her aim is to cast a discerning eye on all the little details.

 It takes a lot of planning to create a cohesive event that seems effortlessly chic, and it is this aspect of the work that she truly enjoys. Whether it means collaborating with a brand or a bride, she loves to swap ideas on how to achieve the particular vision of each client in the best way possible and, more importantly, leave lasting memories. Mara, who is enthusiastic, energetic and full of vitality focuses on understanding the vision of our clients and transforms them into reality. She nurtures a passion for flowers, vintage and interior design.




Valeria Pennesi is an Architect with more than 10 years experience as an Event and Communication Manager.

She has planned, organised and managed several institutional, corporate and private events.

Totally focused on satisfying the client’s vision and expectations, Valeria combines her passion and enthusiasm with a precise method of problem solving and an innate love for the aesthetic. Valeria’s “obsession” for detail means that she is able to make every event unique.








Rebecca Terzani is the latest arrival in Memo’s family. She decided to embark on this journey after spending four years in congressional management.

She loves good cuisine and all forms of beauty. Her aim is to express her creative side without sacrificing the accuracy that she learned in her previous work experiences.

She is a dreamer and has a romantic soul. She empathises with her customers and cares for their needs and wishes.