I Defend Gala 2015


How many times do we use the word “defend” to demonstrate our willingness to act, to stand up for a cause or protest against some violation? But what have been the results?

The aim of “I Defend Gala” is to bring positive actions to the attention of the public in order to encourage them to defend people, the environment and our cultural heritage.

Every year the event awards International organisations or institutions who have acted for the public good and the result of which has had an appreciable social impact.

“I Defend Gala” combines the excellency of food, art and design with the goal of achieving Perceptible Social Impact results.

Most organisations measure the output they produce (i.e. meals served or jobs created). Social Impact Measurement assesses the ultimate impact of that output on individuals, the environment and our cultural heritage (i.e. quality of life, survival of species or preservation of monuments).